• Lovejoy Jaw Couplings

    Lovejoy offers a full range of couplings and power transmission components will help both your driver and driven equipment work in concert with the laws of physics, run efficiently, and boost your productivity.

  • Hydraulic Pump / Motor Mounts (Bellhousings)

    Lovejoy offers a complete line of hydraulic reservoirs and reservoir accessories for fluid power transmission applications. The line includes aluminum tanks, lids, gaskets, legs/casters and associated parts for reservoirs including a complete line of oil gauges, tank heaters and elastic bushings for routing hydraulic lines directly into the reservoir.

  • RunRight® Diagram

    Lovejoy RunRight® technology acts as a spring, dampener, tensioner, and much more. RunRight rubber suspension units are designed for use in countless applications that require a torsional spring feature with angles of operation of +/- 30˚. When using these units in an application, the torsional force as well as the radial, axial and/or cardanic forces can be addressed.