3D CAD and 2D Drawings

Find and download 3D CAD and 2D drawings for key Timken products.

1. Build your own Chain
      a. Chains cut to your specific length
      b. Attachment Chain

2. Visually see your chain assembly

3. Ensure proper communication of your requirements

4. Submit your request for quote with just a click of your mouse

5. Generate drawings 2D or 3D CAD module which can be down loaded for your own equipment drawing

Modify Configuration

Chain Type
Double Pitch Chain Single Pitch Chain
Chain Assembly
Attachment Chains Cut Strands (without Attachments)
Chain Material
Chain Series
Heavy Duty Standard
Chain No.
Type of Pin
Length of First Section - No. of Links

Available Range: 2 to 50 By 1
Longer Chain Available

BA-1 (Double Pitch)

BA-1 (Single Pitch)

BA-2 (Double Pitch)

BK-1 (Double Pitch)

BK-1 (Single Pitch)

BK-2 (Double Pitch)

D-1 (Double Pitch)

D-1 (Single Pitch)

D-3 (Double Pitch)

D-3 (Single Pitch)

SA-1 (Double Pitch)

SA-1 (Single Pitch)

SA-2 (Double Pitch)

SK-1 (Double Pitch)

SK-1 (Single Pitch)

SK-2 (Double Pitch)

WBA-1 (Single Pitch)

WBA-2 (Single Pitch)

WBK-1 (Single Pitch)

WBK-2 (Single Pitch)

WSA-1 (Single Pitch)

WSA-2 (Single Pitch)

WSK-1 (Single Pitch)

WSK-2 (Single Pitch)
Offset Links
No Yes
Repeating Sections
No Yes
Total Length - Pitches
Total Length - Inches
Matching and Tagging
Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 N/A
Food Grade Heavy None Other Rust Preventive
Chain Image 1
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