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    CCS Type Cut-Out Shifter Couplings

      The CCS Type coupling consists of two flex hubs, one special sleeve without lubrication holes and one accessory kit which includes a special seal for the hub that disengages to eliminate undue friction when the disengaged hub is turning in the sleeve. Standard hub is hand packed with grease.
  • Designed for quick disengagement between the driver and driven equipment
  • Special seal in disengagement hub to prevent undue friction when hub turns in sleeve
  • Widely used on dual drive operations and equipment operating in tandem
  • Available with pins to maintain sleeve in engaged and disengaged positions
  • Shifting mechanisms available upon request
Unit of Measure



N/A CCS 2.5 HUB 2-1/4 1/2X1/4KW


N/A Gear Coupling Hubs

Hub Material

N/A AISI 1045


N/A Bored


N/A Metallic

Coupling Type

N/A Gear


N/A 5.15 lb

Dimensional Data

Bore Size 

N/A 2 1/4 in


N/A 2 1/2

Keyway Size (W x D)

N/A 1/2 x 1/4 in

Overall Length

N/A 4.750 in120.65 mm

Outside Diameter

N/A Per Customer Specifications

Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

N/A 2.630 in70.00 mm

Dimension D

N/A 5.500 in139.70 mm

Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension G1)

N/A 0.750 in19.05 mm

Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension G)

N/A 0.250 in6.35 mm

Dimension HD

N/A 3.94 in100.08 mm

Dimension HD1

N/A 3.925 in99.70 mm

Dimension HL

N/A 2.250 in57.15 mm

Dimension LS

N/A 3.880 in98.55 mm

Dimension R

N/A 6.410 in162.81 mm

Length of Travel to Disengage Sleeve (Dimension T)

N/A 0.690 in17.53 mm

Dimension W

N/A Per Customer Specifications

Cubic inches

N/A 34.92810 in³

Performance Data

Nominal Torque

N/A 30200.00 in·lb

Max. Speed (Unbalanced)

N/A 3750.00 rpm

Max. Angular Misalignment

N/A 0.50 º

Parallel Misalignment

N/A 0.007 in



  • Permits quick disengagement of driver and driven shafts without disassembling the coupling
  • Widely used on dual drives and equipment operated in tandem
  • Special seal for disengaging hub
  • Also available with pins to maintain sleeve in both engaged and disengaged positions



  • The BSE (distance Between Shaft Ends) vary between G and G1.
  • Puller Holes are standard on sizes 4 through 6.
  • Puller Holes are available for sizes 7/8 through 3.5 at an additional charge.
  • Interference bores with no set screws are standard unless otherwise specified.
  • Inch bores and keyway tolerances conform to ANSI / AGMA 9002-B04.
  • For metric bores and keyway tolerances, consult Lovejoy Engineering Section.
  • Larger sizes are available, please consult Lovejoy Technical Support.
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