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FSPCR Type (F Type with a Spacer)

This drop-out spacer design allows for ease of maintenance without disturbing the equipment mountings. It has a lightweight construction to reduce the load on equipment bearings.

The FSPCR Type coupling consists of two standard F Type flex hubs, two standard F Type sleeves, one FSPCR Type spacer and two accessory kits. This coupling is available in either exposed bolts or shrouded bolt design.

Note: BSE = Distance "Between Shaft Ends"

Unit of Measure




Hub Style

N/A Shrouded Bolt


N/A Spacer

Hub Material

N/A AISI 1045


N/A Gear Spacer


N/A Metallic

Coupling Type

N/A Gear


N/A 13.00 lb

Complete Coupling Weight (Less Spacer)

N/A 34.00 lb

Dimensional Data


N/A 2

Length thru Bore

N/A 2.440 in61.98 mm

Overall Length 

N/A 6" Between Shaft End Measurement

Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

N/A 2.874 in73 mm

Dimension AD

N/A 2.940 in74.68 mm

Dimension D1

N/A 4.750 in120.65 mm

Dimension D2

N/A 4.000 in101.60 mm

Dimension FD

N/A 4.000 in101.60 mm

Dimension G

N/A 0.060 in1.52 mm

Dimension S

N/A Determined by Shaft Separation

Distance between Shaft Ends (Dimension BSE)

N/A 6.000 in152.40 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 96.00000 in³

Performance Data

Nominal Torque

N/A 31500 in·lb

Max. Speed (Unbalanced)

N/A 5000 rpm

Max. Speed (Balanced)

N/A 7500.00 rpm

Max. Angular Misalignment

N/A 1.50º per Gear Mesh



  • Patented Vari-Crown® tooth form for long life
  • Standard 20° pressure angle
  • Heat treated bolts for greater strength
  • Corrosion resistant bolts and nuts for ease of maintenance
  • Provides parallel, angular misalignment and end float
  • Removal of spacer provides adequate space for the removal of either coupling half without moving the driver or driven units



  • Max. Speed indicates maximum RPM of spacer set determined by critical speed of spacer.
  • Exposed Bolt Design is standard.
  • Shrouded Bolt Design available upon request for sizes 1 through 5.5.
  • Puller Holes are standard on sizes 4 through 9.
  • Puller Holes are available for sizes 1 through 3.5 at an additional charge.
  • Interference bores with no set screws are standard unless otherwise specified.
  • Inch bore and keyway tolerances conform to AGMA 9002-B04.
  • For metric bore and keyway tolerances, consult Lovejoy Engineering Section.
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