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  • Medium high torque
  • Self releasing
  • Not self-centering
  • Axial hub position fixed during clamping
  • Metric shafts 17 mm to 400 mm
  • Inch shafts 3/4 to 7-15/16 inch
  • Larger sizes on request
  • 170 - 565,563 ft-lb
Unit of Measure



N/A SLD 1500 MM 60X90 (2-3/8")

Coupling Size

N/A SLD1500


N/A Internal

Collar Material

N/A Silver/Metallic


N/A 1.54 lb

Screw Type

N/A Socket Head Cap Screw

Screw Material

N/A Steel


N/A Self Releasing


N/A Internal Shaft Locking Device

# of Locking Screws

N/A 15

Dimensional Data

Shaft Size 

N/A 60 x 90 mm

Hub Outside Diameter (Dimension d)

N/A 2.362 in60.00 mm

Tolerance of Shaft (T1)

N/A +0 -0.0030 in

Shaft Locking Device Outside Diameter (Dimension D)

N/A 3.543 in90.00 mm

Tolerance of Hub Bore (T2)

N/A +0 -0.0030 in

Thrust Rings Width at Relaxed State (Dimension B)

N/A 0.945 in24.00 mm

Locking Screw Size (Dimension T)

N/A M8

Contact Length (Dimension l)

N/A 0.787 in20.00 mm

Total Width at Relaxed State (Dimension L)

N/A 1.260 in32.00 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 15.81659 in³401.74138 mm³

Performance Data

Max. Transmissible Axial Force

N/A 21357.00 lbf

Max. Transmissible Torque

N/A 2102.00 ft·lb

Screw Tightening Torque

N/A 28.00 ft·lb

Pressure on The Hub

N/A 20305.00 psi

Pressure on The Shaft

N/A 30458.00 psi



N/A Versus Traditional Keyed Connections
  • No Backlash due to fit tolerances
  • No impact effect from reversing loads
  • Ability to adjust axial position and angular timing
  • No fretting corrosion due to movement at the fit interface
Versus Traditional Interference Fits
  • Easier and quicker to install
  • Higher contact pressures can transmit greater torques
  • Easy and quick to remove without damaging the shaft or hub - even after years of service
Design Benefits
  • Eliminate cost of machining keyways or splines
  • Reduce the shaft stress by removing keyways or splines
  • Eliminating keyways often allows the use of a smaller diameter shaft
  • Can place anywhere on shaft, and allows for easy angular timing
  • Easy removal without damaging the shaft or hub means easier maintenance for your customer
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