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  • Designed to install and remove tapered bore bearings with minimal effort.
  • Allow better control of the bearing internal clearance reduction without damaging the bearing or other components.
  • Substantially reduces downtime during installation or removal of tapered bore bearings.

  • Consist of a female threaded ring and a male ring with two O-ring seals.
  • All hydraulic nuts are supplied with:
    • Quick connection fittings (male 1/4 in. B.S.P. and female 3/8 in. N.P.T.).
    • Two pipe plugs 1/4 in. B.S.P.
    • One set of spare O-rings.

  • HMV - 10 through HMV - 40 have a Metric ISO fine thread profile.
  • HMV - 41 through HMV-236 have a Metric ISO trapezoidal thread.
Unit of Measure


Threads B

N/A Tr710x7


N/A 870.0 mm


N/A 78.00 mm


N/A 812 mm


N/A 712 mm


N/A 15 mm

Assembly Weight

N/A 137.000 Kg

Piston Length of Travel

N/A 25 mm

Piston Area

N/A 87700 mm²



  • When the hydraulic nut is used, the piston must be in the innermost position.
  • For this operation, please ensure the valve of the hydraulic hose is disconnected from the nut so the nut is not under pressure.
  • To contract the piston inside the female threaded ring, insert a rod or bar in one of the four drilled holes located on the outside diameter of the female threaded ring.
  • Screw the hydraulic nut on the thread with the piston in contact with the surface, until the groove machined on the outside diameter of the piston near the outboard face is level with the face of the female threaded ring.
  • One of the two threaded holes must be plugged with the 1/4" B.S.P. pipe plug before the hydraulic nut is pressurized.
  • The maximum pressure permissible in the hydraulic nut is 14000 psi (110 kPa).
  • The oil viscosity suggested is 1400 SUS (300cSt) at operating temperature (SAE 90 oil).
  • To avoid overextension of the piston, a second groove has been machined on the outside diameter of the piston inboard used to judge contraction.
  • When this second groove is level with the face of the female threaded ring, the piston has reached its length of travel as shown in the illustration. If the second groove of the piston travels past the face of the female threaded ring, the hydraulic nut can be damaged.
  • Should the oil start to leak from the piston area, it is certain that the O-ring seals are damaged or worn and need to be replaced.
  • When the hydraulic nut is not in use, ensure that the threaded holes are plugged to prevent entry of contaminants in the piston cavity.
  • To help prevent against corrosion during storage, apply a coat of light oil on the hydraulic nut surfaces.
  • Contact your Timken representative to receive special warnings against reasonably unforeseen dangers.

Ordering Components:
  • To order spare components for the hydraulic nuts, order part numbers as listed below:
      - O-ring Seal Kits:
      Use the hydraulic nut part number plus the number 132. Example: HMVC 146/132 - Pipe Plug 1/4 in. B.S.P.: Use the hydraulic nut part number plus the number 647. Example: HMVC 146/647
      - Quick Connection Fittings (male 1/4 in. B.S.P. and female 3/8 in. N.P.T.): Use the hydraulic nut part number plus the number 849. Example: HMVC 146/849

Engineering Services
  • Special applications should be referred to a Timken representative for review.

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