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  • Model B (bushed) flanges are made of the same high-strength cast iron as the S flanges
  • B flanges are designed to accommodate the industry standard bushing for easy installation and removal
  • B flanges are available in sizes 6 through 16
Unit of Measure




Coupling Size

N/A 9B


N/A Coupling Flange


N/A Cast Iron


N/A 4.75 lb


N/A Gray

Bore Type

N/A Bored to Accept SD QD Bushing

Bushing Required


Coupling Type

N/A S-Flex

Flange UPC Number

N/A 36375

Dimensional Data

Keyway Size (W x D)

N/A No Keyway

Hub Diameter

N/A 3.190 in81.03 mm

Outside Diameter

N/A 6.350 in161.29 mm

Approx. Bore

N/A 1.940 in49.28 mm

Dimension FL

N/A 1.030 in26.16 mm

Dimension L1

N/A 2.190 in55.63 mm

Dimension L2

N/A 1.810 in45.97 mm

Dimension P

N/A 0.560 in14.22 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 88.30628 in³

Performance Data

Nominal Torque (with EPDM Sleeve)

N/A 1800 in·lb203.37 N·m

Max. Speed

N/A 3750.00 rpm

Torsional Stiffness

N/A 6875.00 in·lb/rad

Rated HP at 100 rpm

N/A 2.90 hp

Rated HP at 1,200 rpm

N/A 34.00 hp

Rated HP at 1,800 rpm

N/A 51.00 hp

Rated HP at 3,600 rpm

N/A 103.00 hp
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