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SW Type
  • A complete SW Type coupling is comprised of two standard L hubs (find under L Type components) & one snap wrap spider (this section) & snap ring (this section).
LC Type
  • A complete LC Type coupling is comprised of one standard L hub (find under L Type components), one LC Type hub (provides collar attachment), one standard snap wrap center, & one collar with screws. (Compared to SW Type, LC Type provides higher RPM limits.)
Unit of Measure




Coupling Type

N/A Jaw


N/A SOX (NBR) Rubber

Insert Style

N/A Snap Wrap without Ring


N/A Black


N/A Elastomeric Insert


N/A 0.30 lb

UPC Code

N/A 685144122759

Dimensional Data


N/A SW190

Dimension AA

N/A 5.18 in131.57 mm

Dimension HH

N/A 2.25 in57.15 mm

Dimension W

N/A 0.88 in22.35 mm

Dimension B

N/A 0.60 in15.24 mm

Cubic inches

N/A 136.84524 in³

Performance Data

Normal Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 212 ºF-40 to 100 ºC


N/A 1728.00 in·lb195 N·m

Angular Misalignment

N/A 1.00 º

Parallel Misalignment

N/A 0.150 in

Shore Hardness

N/A 80A

Damping Capacity

N/A High

Chemical Resistance

N/A Good

Spider Performance

Spider Performance

  • Nitrile Butadiene (Buna N) Rubber is a flexible elastomer material that is oil resistant, resembles natural rubber in resilience and elasticity and operates effectively in temperature range of -40° to 212° F (-40° to 100° C). Good resistance to oil. Standard elastomer. (Also applies to SXB Cushions.)

Elastomers in Compression

Elastomers in Compression

    Lovejoy offers four types of elastomer designs to allow for additional flexibility in addressing specific application requirements. One piece designs are used in the “L” and “AL” models (referred to as spiders) and multiple part “load cushions” are used in the “C” and “H” model couplings. The load cushions are in sets of 6 to 14 pieces depending on coupling size.
Solid Center Spider
  • The solid center design is commonly used design when shafts of the driver and driven equipment can be kept separate by a standard gap
Open Center Spider
  • The open center design allows for the shafts of the driver and driven to be positioned within a short distance
  • Open center spiders offer shaft positioning flexibility but have a lower RPM capacity (1,750 RPM maximum for NBR, 3,600 maximum for Urethane/Hytrel®)
  • Used exclusively for the C and H Type couplings
  • Load cushions are held in place radially by a steel collar which is attached to one of the hubs
Snap Wrap Flexible Spider
  • Design allows for easy removal of the spider without moving the hubs
  • Allows for close shaft separation all the way up to the hubs maximum bore
  • Maximum RPM is 1,750 RPM with the retaining ring, but if used with the LC Type (with collar) the normal RPM rating of the coupling applies
  • Style is available in NBR and Urethane only, and in limited sizes



  • NBR standard shore hardness is 80A ±5A – Except L035=60A. Other softer or harder designs are available in NBR material; consult Lovejoy.
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