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Unit of Measure


Chain Type

N/A Double Pitch Chain

Chain Assembly

N/A Cut Strands (without Attachments)

Chain Material

N/A Extended Life CHP®

Roller Type

N/A Carrier Roller
Roller Material1 N/A Steel

Chain No.

N/A C2052CH (1.250" Pitch) Pitch_Help_Asset-EN.JPG

Type of Pin

N/A Riveted

Full Length - No. of Links

N/A 5

Longer Chain Available

N/A If more links are required please contact Timken Drives.

Offset Links

N/A No

Total Length - Pitches

N/A 5

Total Length - Inches

N/A 6.25

Matching and Tagging



N/A Heavy

Chain Image


Basic Chain Dimensions

Chain Pitch [in]

N/A 1.250

Min. Roller Link Inside Width [in]

N/A 0.376

Roller Diameter [in]

N/A 0.750

Link Plate Height [in]

N/A 0.590

Link Plate Thickness [in]

N/A 0.080

Pin Diameter [in]

N/A 0.200

Transverse Pitch [in]

N/A 0

Pin Length - Overall Length of Std. Pin [in]

N/A 0.795
  • 1 Also available in Delrin and Nylon