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The RunRight® Oscillation Mounts RSC D are a compact design with a much higher load capacity than the standard AB Mounts, ideal for two mass systems. All housings are cast iron and the inner squares and arms are steel. They have standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range.

RunRight® Type RSC D
RunRight® RSC D Drawing
Unit of Measure

Part Number


G Load Range

Dimension A (Unloaded)

Dimension C

Dimension D

Dimension F

68514475676 N/A RSC D18 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 110 to 270 lb500 to 1200 N N/A 5.39 in137 mm N/A 2.40 in61 mm N/A 1.97 in50 mm N/A 3.54 in90 mm
68514463733 N/A RSC D27 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 225 to 560 lb1000 to 2500 N N/A 7.24 in184 mm N/A 3.66 in93 mm N/A 3.15 in80 mm N/A 4.72 in120 mm
68514463734 N/A RSC D38 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 450 to 900 lb2000 to 4000 N N/A 9.61 in244 mm N/A 4.65 in118 mm N/A 3.94 in100 mm N/A 5.91 in150 mm
68514475677 N/A RSC D45 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 675 to 1350 lb3000 to 6000 N N/A 11.73 in298 mm N/A 5.20 in132 mm N/A 4.33 in110 mm N/A 6.69 in170 mm
68514463854 N/A RSC D50 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 900 to 2025 lb4000 to 9000 N N/A 12.95 in329 mm N/A 5.59 in142 mm N/A 4.72 in120 mm N/A 7.28 in185 mm
68514463855 N/A RSC D50-1.6 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 1350 to 2700 lb6000 to 12000 N N/A 12.95 in329 mm N/A 7.32 in186 mm N/A 6.30 in160 mm N/A 7.28 in185 mm
68514463856 N/A RSC D50-2 OSCILLATING MOUNT N/A 1800 to 3600 lb8000 to 16000 N N/A 12.95 in329 mm N/A 8.90 in226 mm N/A 7.87 in200 mm N/A 7.28 in185 mm
Unit of Measure