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  • Safe and effective tapered bore bearing assembly.
  • Includes mounting sleeve, locknut and lockwasher or lockplate.
  • Other dimensions may be available, consult your Timken sales representative.
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Lockwasher and Lockplates

Appropriate Hydraulic Nut


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HE2305 N/A 3/4 in19.05 mm N/A 35.00 mm N/A 38 mm N/A KM5 N/A MB5 N/A N/A CAD
HE2306 N/A 1 in25.40 mm N/A 38.00 mm N/A 45 mm N/A KM6 N/A MB6 N/A N/A CAD
HE2308 N/A 1 1/4 in31.75 mm N/A 46.00 mm N/A 58 mm N/A KM8 N/A MB8 N/A N/A CAD
HE2309 N/A 1 1/2 in38.10 mm N/A 50.00 mm N/A 65 mm N/A KM9 N/A MB9 N/A N/A CAD
HE2310 N/A 1 3/4 in44.45 mm N/A 55.00 mm N/A 70 mm N/A KM10 N/A MB10 N/A HMV10 N/A CAD
HE2311 N/A 2 in50.80 mm N/A 59.00 mm N/A 75 mm N/A KM11 N/A MB11 N/A HMV11 N/A CAD
HE2313 N/A 2 1/4 in57.15 mm N/A 65.00 mm N/A 85 mm N/A KM13 N/A MB13 N/A HMV13 N/A CAD
HE2315 N/A 2 1/2 in63.50 mm N/A 73.00 mm N/A 98 mm N/A KM15 N/A MB15 N/A HMV15 N/A CAD
HE2316 N/A 2 3/4 in69.85 mm N/A 78.00 mm N/A 105 mm N/A KM16 N/A MB16 N/A HMV16 N/A CAD
HE2317 N/A 3.000 in76.20 mm N/A 82.00 mm N/A 110 mm N/A KM17 N/A MB17 N/A HMV17 N/A CAD
HE2318 N/A 3 1/4 in82.55 mm N/A 86.00 mm N/A 120 mm N/A KM18 N/A MB18 N/A HMV18 N/A CAD
HE2319 N/A 3 1/4 in82.55 mm N/A 90.00 mm N/A 125 mm N/A KM19 N/A MB19 N/A HMV19 N/A CAD
HE2320 N/A 3.5000 in88.900 mm N/A 97.00 mm N/A 130 mm N/A KM20 N/A MB20 N/A HMV20 N/A CAD
HE2322 N/A 4.000 in101.60 mm N/A 105.00 mm N/A 145 mm N/A KM22 N/A MB22 N/A HMV22 N/A CAD
HE2324 N/A 4 1/4 in107.95 mm N/A 112.00 mm N/A 155 mm N/A KM24 N/A MB24 N/A HMV24 N/A CAD
HE2326 N/A 4 1/2 in114.30 mm N/A 121.00 mm N/A 165 mm N/A KM26 N/A MB26 N/A HMV26 N/A CAD
HE2328 N/A 5 in127.00 mm N/A 131.00 mm N/A 180 mm N/A KM28 N/A MB28 N/A HMV28 N/A CAD
HE2330 N/A 5.250 in133.35 mm N/A 139.00 mm N/A 195 mm N/A KM30 N/A MB30 N/A HMV30 N/A CAD
HE2332 N/A 5 1/2 in139.70 mm N/A 147.00 mm N/A 210 mm N/A KM32 N/A MB32 N/A HMV32 N/A CAD
HE2334 N/A 6 in152.400 mm N/A 154.00 mm N/A 220 mm N/A KM34 N/A MB34 N/A HMV34 N/A CAD
HE2336 N/A 6 1/2 in165.10 mm N/A 161.00 mm N/A 230 mm N/A KM36 N/A MB36 N/A HMV36 N/A CAD
HE2338 N/A 6.750 in171.45 mm N/A 169.00 mm N/A 240 mm N/A KM38 N/A MB38 N/A HMV38 N/A CAD
HE2340 N/A 7 in177.80 mm N/A 176.00 mm N/A 250 mm N/A KM40 N/A MB40 N/A HMV40 N/A CAD
HE2344 N/A 8.0000 in203.20 mm N/A 186.00 mm N/A 280 mm N/A HM44T N/A MB 44 N/A HMV44 N/A CAD
HE3024 N/A 4 1/4 in107.95 mm N/A 72.00 mm N/A 145 mm N/A KML24 N/A MBL24 N/A HMV24 N/A CAD
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