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  • Safe and effective tapered bore bearing assembly.
  • Includes mounting sleeve, locknut and lockwasher or lockplate.
  • Other dimensions may be available, consult your Timken sales representative.

* Adapters with a C1 dimension use a lockplate as the locking device as shown in the illustration; otherwise, a lockwasher is used as the locking device.
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Lockwasher and Lockplates

Appropriate Hydraulic Nut


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H3072 N/A 340.00 mm N/A 188.00 mm N/A 45 mm N/A 58.00 mm N/A Tr360x5 N/A 420 mm N/A HM 3072 N/A MS 3072 N/A HMV72 N/A CAD
H3076 N/A 360.00 mm N/A 193.00 mm N/A 48 mm N/A 62.00 mm N/A Tr380x5 N/A 450 mm N/A HM 3076 N/A MS 3076 N/A HMV76 N/A CAD
H308 N/A 35.00 mm N/A 36.00 mm N/A 10 mm N/A N/A M40x1.5 N/A 58 mm N/A KM8 N/A MB8 N/A N/A CAD
H3080 N/A 380.00 mm N/A 210.00 mm N/A 52 mm N/A 66.00 mm N/A Tr400x5 N/A 470 mm N/A HM 3080 N/A MS 3080 N/A HMV80 N/A CAD
H3084 N/A 400.00 mm N/A 212.00 mm N/A 52 mm N/A 66.00 mm N/A Tr420x5 N/A 490 mm N/A HM 3084 N/A MS 3084 N/A HMV84 N/A CAD
H3088 N/A 410.00 mm N/A 228.00 mm N/A 60 mm N/A 77.00 mm N/A Tr440x5 N/A 520 mm N/A HM 3088 N/A MS 3088 N/A HMV88 N/A CAD
H309 N/A 40.00 mm N/A 39.00 mm N/A 11 mm N/A N/A M45x1.5 N/A 65 mm N/A KM9 N/A MB9 N/A N/A CAD
H310 N/A 45.000 mm N/A 42.00 mm N/A 12 mm N/A N/A M50x1.5 N/A 70 mm N/A KM10 N/A MB10 N/A HMV10 N/A CAD
H311 N/A 50.0 mm N/A 45.00 mm N/A 12 mm N/A N/A M55x2 N/A 75 mm N/A KM11 N/A MB11 N/A HMV11 N/A CAD
H312 N/A 55.00 mm N/A 47.00 mm N/A 13 mm N/A N/A M60x2 N/A 80 mm N/A KM12 N/A MB12 N/A HMV12 N/A CAD
H3120 N/A 90.00 mm N/A 76.00 mm N/A 20 mm N/A N/A M100x2 N/A 130 mm N/A KM20 N/A MB20 N/A HMV20 N/A CAD
H3122 N/A 100.00 mm N/A 81.00 mm N/A 21 mm N/A N/A M110x2 N/A 145 mm N/A KM22 N/A MB22 N/A HMV22 N/A CAD
H3124 N/A 110.00 mm N/A 88.00 mm N/A 22 mm N/A N/A M120x2 N/A 155 mm N/A KM24 N/A MB24 N/A HMV24 N/A CAD
H3126 N/A 115.00 mm N/A 92.00 mm N/A 23 mm N/A N/A M130x2 N/A 165 mm N/A KM26 N/A MB26 N/A HMV26 N/A CAD
H3128 N/A 125.00 mm N/A 97.00 mm N/A 24 mm N/A N/A M140x2 N/A 180 mm N/A KM28 N/A MB28 N/A HMV28 N/A CAD
H313 N/A 60.0 mm N/A 50.00 mm N/A 14 mm N/A N/A M65x2 N/A 85 mm N/A KM13 N/A MB13 N/A HMV13 N/A CAD
H3130 N/A 135.00 mm N/A 111.00 mm N/A 26 mm N/A N/A M150x2 N/A 195 mm N/A KM30 N/A MB30 N/A HMV30 N/A CAD
H3132 N/A 140.00 mm N/A 119.00 mm N/A 28 mm N/A N/A M160x3 N/A 210 mm N/A KM32 N/A MB32 N/A HMV32 N/A CAD
H3134 N/A 150.00 mm N/A 122.00 mm N/A 29 mm N/A N/A M170x3 N/A 220 mm N/A KM34 N/A MB34 N/A HMV34 N/A CAD
H3136 N/A 160.00 mm N/A 131.00 mm N/A 30 mm N/A N/A M180x3 N/A 230 mm N/A KM36 N/A MB36 N/A HMV36 N/A CAD
H3138 N/A 170.00 mm N/A 141.00 mm N/A 31 mm N/A N/A M190x3 N/A 240 mm N/A KM38 N/A MB38 N/A HMV38 N/A CAD
H314 N/A 60.0 mm N/A 52.00 mm N/A 14 mm N/A N/A M70x2 N/A 92 mm N/A KM14 N/A MB14 N/A HMV14 N/A CAD
H3140 N/A 180.00 mm N/A 150.00 mm N/A 31.5 mm N/A N/A M200x3 N/A 250 mm N/A KM40 N/A MB40 N/A HMV40 N/A CAD
H3144 N/A 200.00 mm N/A 161.00 mm N/A 35 mm N/A N/A Tr220x4 N/A 280 mm N/A HM44T N/A MB44 N/A HMV44 N/A CAD
H3148 N/A 220.00 mm N/A 172.00 mm N/A 37 mm N/A N/A Tr240x4 N/A 300 mm N/A HM48T N/A MS 48 N/A HMV48 N/A CAD
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