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The chart below shows dimensions for adapter assemblies and components used in the tapered bore bearings on shafts.
Components are ordered seperately.
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Lockwasher and Lockplates


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AN-18/SK-8022/N-14/W-14 N/A 70 mm2.7559 in N/A 118.39 mm4.661 in N/A AN-18 N/A 22216K N/A SK-8022 N/A N-14 N/A W-14 N/A CAD
AN-19/SK-8522/AN-15/W-15 N/A 75 mm2.9528 in N/A 125.55 mm4.943 in N/A AN-19 N/A 22217K N/A SK-8522 N/A AN-15 N/A W-15 N/A CAD
AN-20/SK-9022/AN-16/W-16 N/A 80 mm3.1496 in N/A 131.90 mm5.193 in N/A AN-20 N/A 22218K N/A SK-9022 N/A AN-16 N/A W-16 N/A CAD
AN-21/SK-9522/AN-17/W-17 N/A 85 mm3.3465 in N/A 138.25 mm5.443 in N/A AN-21 N/A 22219K N/A SK-9522 N/A AN-17 N/A W-17 N/A CAD
AN-22/SK-10022/AN-18/W-18 N/A 90 mm3.5433 in N/A 145.39 mm5.724 in N/A AN-22 N/A 22220K N/A SK-10022 N/A AN-18 N/A W-18 N/A CAD
ARN-22/SK-11022/AN-20/W-20 N/A 100 mm3.9370 in N/A 160.32 mm6.312 in N/A ARN-22 N/A 22222K N/A SK-11022 N/A AN-20 N/A W-20 N/A CAD
ARN-24/SK-12022/AN-22/W-22 N/A 110 mm4.3307 in N/A 176.23 mm6.938 in N/A ARN-24 N/A 22224K N/A SK-12022 N/A AN-22 N/A W-22 N/A CAD
ARN-26/SK-13022/AN-22/W-22 N/A 115 mm4.5276 in N/A 185.72 mm7.312 in N/A ARN-26 N/A 22226K N/A SK-13022 N/A AN-22 N/A W-22 N/A CAD
RN-28/SK-14022/AN-24/W-24 N/A 125 mm4.9213 in N/A 201.63 mm7.938 in N/A RN-28 N/A 22228K N/A SK-14022 N/A AN-24 N/A W-24 N/A CAD
RN-30/SK-15022/AN-26/W-26 N/A 135 mm5.3150 in N/A 211.12 mm8.312 in N/A RN-30 N/A 22230K N/A SK-15022 N/A AN-26 N/A W-26 N/A CAD
RN-32/SK-16022/AN-28/W-28 N/A 140 mm5.5118 in N/A 227.03 mm8.938 in N/A RN-32 N/A 22232K N/A SK-16022 N/A AN-28 N/A W-28 N/A CAD
RN-34/SK-17022/AN-30/W-30 N/A 150 mm5.9055 in N/A 236.52 mm9.312 in N/A RN-34 N/A 22234K N/A SK-17022 N/A AN-30 N/A W-30 N/A CAD
RN-36/SK-18022/AN-32/W-32 N/A 160 mm6.2992 in N/A 250.83 mm9.875 in N/A RN-36 N/A 22236K N/A SK-18022 N/A AN-32 N/A W-32 N/A CAD
RN-38/SK-19022/AN-34/W-34 N/A 170 mm6.6929 in N/A 271.48 mm10.688 in N/A RN-38 N/A 22238K N/A SK-19022 N/A AN-34 N/A W-34 N/A CAD
N-044/SK-20022/AN-36/W-36 N/A 180 mm7.0866 in N/A 279.53 mm11.005 in N/A N-44 N/A 22240K N/A SK-20022 N/A AN-36 N/A W-36 N/A CAD
N-048/SK-22022/AN-40/W-40 N/A 200 mm7.8740 in N/A 290.65 mm11.443 in N/A N-048 N/A 22244K N/A SK-22022 N/A AN-40 N/A W-40 N/A CAD
N-052/SK-24022/N-44/W-44 N/A 220 mm8.6614 in N/A 309.70 mm12.193 in N/A N-052 N/A 22248K N/A SK-24022 N/A N-44 N/A W-44 N/A CAD
N-056/SK-26022/N-048/P-48 N/A 240 mm9.4488 in N/A 330.33 mm13.005 in N/A N-056 N/A 22252K N/A SK-26022 N/A N-048 N/A P-48 N/A CAD
RN-56/SK-28022/N-052/P-52 N/A 260 mm10.2362 in N/A 385.78 mm15.188 in N/A RN-56 N/A 22256K N/A SK-28022 N/A N-052 N/A P-52 N/A CAD
RN-60/SK-30022/N-056/P-56 N/A 280 mm11.0236 in N/A 416.48 mm16.397 in N/A RN-60 N/A 22260K N/A SK-30022 N/A N-056 N/A P-56 N/A CAD
RN-64/SK-32022/N-060/P-60 N/A 300 mm11.8110 in N/A 432.18 mm17.015 in N/A RN-64 N/A 22264K N/A SK-32022 N/A N-060 N/A P-60 N/A CAD
N-09/SK-4023/N-07/W-07 N/A 35 mm1.3780 in N/A 64.41 mm2.536 in N/A N-09 N/A 22308K N/A SK-4023 N/A N-07 N/A W-07 N/A CAD
N-10/SK-4523/N-08/W-08 N/A 40 mm1.5748 in N/A 68.40 mm2.693 in N/A N-10 N/A 22309K N/A SK-4523 N/A N-08 N/A W-08 N/A CAD
RN-10/SK-5023/N-09/W-09 N/A 45 mm1.7717 in N/A 77.77 mm3.062 in N/A RN-10 N/A 22310K N/A SK-5023 N/A N-09 N/A W-09 N/A CAD
RN-11/SK-5523/N-10/W-10 N/A 50 mm1.9685 in N/A 83.34 mm3.281 in N/A RN-11 N/A 22311K N/A SK-5523 N/A N-10 N/A W-10 N/A CAD
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