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  • Lovejoy offers flexible sleeves for S-Flex Endurance couplings in three designs: one-piece solid, one-piece split, and two-piece with retaining ring
  • The one-piece split design provides solutions for applications with unique requirements where small shaft separations inhibit the installation of a one-piece solid sleeve
  • Pre-molded teeth along the diameter of the sleeve engage with teeth of the coupling flanges
  • No clamps or screws are needed to connect the flanges with the flexible sleeve which securely lock together under torque for smooth transmission of power
  • Torque is transmitted through shear loading of the sleeve
  • All three sleeve materials are highly elastic which permits the S-Flex coupling to protect connected equipment from harmful shock loading, vibration, and shaft misalignment
JE, JN, JES, JNS Sleeve Types
    These sleeves feature a one-piece design molded in EPDM & Neoprene rubber. In the case of JES & JNS Types, the one-piece design is split to provide for ease of installation and removal.
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68514436875 N/A 6JNS SLEEVE N/A 1.438 in N/A 6JNS N/A JNS N/A 3.75 in95.25 mm N/A Neoprene N/A 1.880 in47.75 mm N/A 450 in·lb50.84 N·m
68514436878 N/A 7JNS SLEEVE N/A 1.625 in N/A 7JNS N/A JNS N/A 4.340 in110.24 mm N/A Neoprene N/A 2.190 in55.63 mm N/A 725 in·lb81.91 N·m
68514436881 N/A 8JNS SLEEVE N/A 1.938 in N/A 8JNS N/A JNS N/A 5.060 in128.52 mm N/A Neoprene N/A 2.500 in63.50 mm N/A 1135 in·lb128.24 N·m
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