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  • S flanges are made of high strength cast iron and are bored-to- size for a slip fit on standard shafts.
  • S flanges are easy to install, are readily available from stock in a wide range of popular bore sizes, and are supplied with two set screws at 90°.
  • The S Type coupling consists of two flanges and one sleeve.
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Part Number


Bore Size 

Coupling Size

Keyway Size (W x D)

Outside Diameter

Dimension FL

Dimension HD


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68514436349 N/A 5S FLNG 1/2 N/KW N/A 1/2 in N/A 5S N/A No Keyway N/A 3.250 in82.55 mm N/A 0.590 in14.99 mm N/A 1.880 in47.75 mm N/A CAD
68514436353 N/A 6S FLNG 5/8 N/KW N/A 5/8 in N/A 6S N/A No Keyway N/A 4.000 in101.60 mm N/A 0.780 in19.81 mm N/A 2.500 in63.50 mm N/A CAD
68514436355 N/A 7S FLNG 5/8 N/KW N/A 5/8 in N/A 7S N/A No Keyway N/A 4.625 in117.48 mm N/A 0.780 in19.81 mm N/A 2.810 in71.37 mm N/A CAD
68514436357 N/A 8S FLNG 3/4 N/KW N/A 3/4 in N/A 8S N/A No Keyway N/A 5.450 in138.43 mm N/A 0.880 in22.35 mm N/A 3.250 in82.55 mm N/A CAD
68514436359 N/A 9S FLNG 7/8 N/KW N/A 7/8 in N/A 9S N/A No Keyway N/A 6.350 in161.29 mm N/A 1.030 in26.16 mm N/A 3.630 in92.20 mm N/A CAD
68514436361 N/A 10S FLNG 1-1/8 N/KW N/A 1 1/8 in N/A 10S N/A No Keyway N/A 7.500 in190.50 mm N/A 1.220 in30.99 mm N/A 4.380 in111.25 mm N/A CAD
68514436365 N/A 11S FLNG 1-1/4 N/KW N/A 1 1/4 in N/A 11S N/A No Keyway N/A 9.625 in244.48 mm N/A 1.500 in38.10 mm N/A 5.250 in133.35 mm N/A CAD
68514436367 N/A 12S FLNG 1-1/2 N/KW N/A 1 1/2 in N/A 12S N/A No Keyway N/A 10.000 in254.00 mm N/A 1.690 in42.93 mm N/A 5.750 in146.05 mm N/A CAD
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