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Timken Wheel-Pac™
The Timken Wheel-Pac™ bearing is a pre-set, pre-greased, pre-sealed integrated bearing assembly that provides outstanding wheel end performance for commercial vehicle trucks and trailers. We customized Wheel-Pac™ to suit the truck builder’s preferred hub design.

Design Attributes:
Pre-set, pre-greased and pre-sealed bearing package eliminates the need for manual bearing adjustment and features fewer components, simplifying installation and maintenance. Features a reduced bearing setting range that reduces runout, increases assembly stiffness and provides better friction control for increased system life. Design optimizes weight and packaging for high power density – greater performance in a smaller package. Additional design options include through hardened or case carburized steel (for improved debris resistance), greased, super-sealed or oiled lubrication options, and anti-lock braking systems ring integration.

Commercial vehicle truck and trailer wheel ends (original equipment)


Unit of Measure



N/A The Timken Wheel-Pac™ bearing is not sold in the United States.


Cone Part Numbers

N/A NP319352 (Inboard) NP608708 (Outboard)

Cup Part Numbers

N/A NP818997 (Outboard) NP981675 (Inboard)

Alternate Part Name

N/A NP319352

Bore (Outboard)

N/A 2.748 in69.800 mm

Bore (Inboard)

N/A 2.756 in70.000 mm

Cup Outside Diameter (Outboard)

N/A 4.921 in125.000 mm

Cup Outside Diameter (Inboard)

N/A 4.921 in125.000 mm

Cup Width (Outboard)

N/A 1.602 in40.690 mm

Cup Width (Inboard)

N/A 1.866 in47.390 mm

Total Width

N/A 4.488 in114.000 mm


Application Truck

N/A DAF - 75 CF - Front
DAF - 85 CF - Front
DAF - CF 65 - Front
DAF - CF 75 - Front
DAF - CF 75 - Rear
DAF - CF 85 - Front
DAF - CF 85 - Rear
DAF - LF 55 - Front
DAF - XF 105 - Front
DAF - XF 105 - Rear
DAF - XF 95 - Front
DAF - XF 95 - Rear
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