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The radial internal clearance (RIC) for the bearing assembly must be included when ordering either a) the complete assembly or b) with the inner-ring set.
Unit of Measure

Bearing Dimensions

Bore d

N/A 240 mm9.4488 in

O.D. D

N/A 440.000 mm17.3228 in

Width B

N/A 146.050 mm5.7500 in


N/A 291.368 mm11.4712 in




Static Load Rating Co

N/A 4010 kN902000 lbf
Dynamic Load Rating C11 N/A 2750 kN619000 lbf
Dimension S2 N/A 4.75 mm0.190 in
Geometry Factor Cg3 N/A 0.2280

Thermal Speed Ratings - Oil

N/A 750 rpm

Thermal Speed Ratings - Grease

N/A 690 rpm


N/A 234.000 lb

Mounting Data

Chamfer rsmin

N/A 11.00 mm0.43 in
Chamfer r1smin4 N/A 4.0 mm0.160 in

Backing Shaft Diameter ds

N/A 285.0 mm11.22 in

Backing Housing Diameter Ds

N/A 402.4 mm15.84 in
  • 1 Based on 1 x 106 revolutions L10 life, for the ISO life calculation method.
  • 2 Permissible axial displacement from normal position of one bearing ring in relation to the other.
  • 3 Cg factor for bearing without inner ring.
  • 4 Based on 1 x 106 revolutions L10 life, for the ISO life calculation method.
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