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    The SXC Type is the close coupled variation of the SX Type coupling. The SXC is similar to the SX coupling in that the disc packs are attached when the coupling is installed. In the close coupled units, the hubs are turned inward and are mounted inside the spacer. Note that with the hubs inside the spacer, the maximum bore allowed in the hub will be decreased. The SXC couplings can be used with one or both hubs turned outward to allow the coupling to accommodate different shaft separations.
    Note: The SXC Type uses the same disc pack kits and spacers as the SX Type.
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    Bore Size (mm)


    Keyway Size  (mm)

    Part Number


    Bore Size


    Keyway Size (W x D)

    Length thru Bore

    Overall Length

    Nominal Torque


    69790413837 N/A SXC110-6 HUB 30MM 8X3.3MM KW N/A 30.00 mm N/A 110-6 N/A 8 x 3.3 mm N/A 1.970 in50.04 mm N/A 4.120 in105.00 mm N/A 5100 in·lb575 N·m N/A CAD
    69790414388 N/A SXC132-6 HUB 42MM 12X3.3MMKW N/A 42 mm N/A 132-6 N/A 12 x 3.3 mm N/A 2.36 in59.94 mm N/A 4.870 in124.00 mm N/A 9700 in·lb1100 N·m N/A CAD
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