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    The SXC Type is the close coupled variation of the SX Type coupling. The SXC is similar to the SX coupling in that the disc packs are attached when the coupling is installed. In the close coupled units, the hubs are turned inward and are mounted inside the spacer. Note that with the hubs inside the spacer, the maximum bore allowed in the hub will be decreased. The SXC couplings can be used with one or both hubs turned outward to allow the coupling to accommodate different shaft separations.
    Note: The SXC Type uses the same disc pack kits and spacers as the SX Type.
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    Part Number



    Length thru Bore

    Overall Length

    Nominal Torque

    Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

    Dimension FD


    69790492022 N/A SXC110-6 HUB RSB N/A 110-6 N/A 1.970 in50.04 mm N/A 4.120 in105.00 mm N/A 5100 in·lb N/A 1.560 in39.00 mm N/A 4.330 in110.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492024 N/A SXC132-6 HUB RSB N/A 132-6 N/A 2.36 in59.94 mm N/A 4.870 in124.00 mm N/A 9700 in·lb N/A 2.06 in50 mm N/A 5.200 in132.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492025 N/A SXC158-6 HUB RSB N/A 158-6 N/A 2.760 in70.10 mm N/A 5.660 in144.00 mm N/A 17700 in·lb N/A 2.380 in60.00 mm N/A 6.220 in158.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492026 N/A SXC185-6 HUB RSB N/A 185-6 N/A 3.15 in80.01 mm N/A 6.440 in164.00 mm N/A 29200 in·lb N/A 2.680 in68.00 mm N/A 7.280 in185.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492027 N/A SXC202-6 HUB RSB N/A 202-6 N/A 3.540 in89.92 mm N/A 7.350 in187.00 mm N/A 40700 in·lb N/A 3.060 in75.00 mm N/A 7.950 in202.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492028 N/A SXC228-6 HUB RSB N/A 228-6 N/A 3.94 in100.08 mm N/A 8.140 in207.00 mm N/A 62000.00 in·lb N/A 3.440 in85 mm N/A 8.980 in228.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492029 N/A SXC255-6 HUB RSB N/A 255-6 N/A 4.530 in115.06 mm N/A 9.330 in237.00 mm N/A 90300.00 in·lb N/A 3.880 in95 mm N/A 10.040 in255.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492030 N/A SXC278-6 HUB RSB N/A 278-6 N/A 4.920 in124.97 mm N/A 10.200 in259.00 mm N/A 125700.00 in·lb N/A 4.250 in105.00 mm N/A 10.950 in278.00 mm N/A CAD
    69790492031 N/A SXC302-6 HUB RSB N/A 302-6 N/A 5.320 in135.13 mm N/A 10.990 in279.00 mm N/A 177000 in·lb N/A 4.630 in115.00 mm N/A 11.890 in302.00 mm N/A CAD
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