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Double Joint Arrangement
  • Designed with two Lovejoy D Type universal joints and a center connecting shaft
  • DD and DDX Type universal joints are tailored to your specific application requirements
  • This configuration compensates for both parallel misalignment and shaft separation
  • Round, hex, splined, or keyway bores are supplied per your requirements
  • Boot retaining grooves are standard. (Boots are available for purchase separately.)
  • Lubrication is required for optimal wear – boots and lubricant extend universal joint life
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Bore Size  (in)

Keyway Size 

Part Number


Bore A & B


Set Screw Size

Keyway A & B (W x D)

Outside Diameter

Overall Length

Bore Depth (Dimension C)

Static Breaking Torque


68514476407 N/A DD4B UJNT 3/8SQ X 3/8 W/SS OE N/A 3/8 Square & 3/8 Round in N/A Steel N/A 8-32 (round end only) N/A No Keyway N/A 0.750 in N/A 5.380 in N/A 0.880 in N/A 768.00 in-lb N/A CAD
68514476277 N/A DD6B UJNT M8THRD BE*OD 6.85OAL N/A M8 Thread in N/A Steel N/A No Setscrew N/A No Keyway N/A 1.000 in N/A 6.850 in N/A 1.000 in N/A 1560.00 in-lb N/A CAD
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