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Metric HercuFlex® Gear Couplings Hubs for FXL (flanged style). The "L" in the name is for Labyrinth Seal. In extreme high contamination environments, Lovejoy has transformed the HercuFlex coupling to integrate an advanced seal design when performance degradation is not tolerable. This advanced gear coupling still encompasses the torque and misalignment capacities that make the HercuFlex coupling an industry leader. • Unequaled bore and torque capacity • 1.5° of misalignment per gear mesh • Improved fastener corrosion resistance • Advanced seal design intensifying contamination resistance • Interchangeable with standard AGMA flange interface
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697904349016 N/A FXL 1.5 HUB 40MMP7 12X3.3MMKW N/A 40 mm N/A 12X3.3MM mm N/A 15,000 N·m1,695 in·lb N/A 5,500 rpm N/A 1.94 in N/A 2.85 in72.4 mm N/A
697904353624 N/A FXL 3.5 HUB 90MM P7 25MMX5.4MM N/A 90 mm N/A 25MMX5.4MM mm N/A 177,000 N·m19,998 in·lb N/A 3,500 rpm N/A 4.19 in N/A 6.34 in161.1 mm N/A
697904354294 N/A FXL 4 HUB 110MM P7 28MMX6.4MM N/A 110 mm N/A 28MMX6.4MM mm N/A 270,900 N·m30,608 in·lb N/A 3000 rpm N/A 4.75 in N/A 7.41 in188.3 mm N/A
697904355734 N/A FXL 4.5 HUB 162MMP7 40X9.4MMKW N/A 162 mm N/A 40X9.4MM mm N/A 370,700 N·m41,883 in·lb N/A 2,700 rpm N/A 5.31 in N/A 8.38 in212.8 mm N/A
697904358858 N/A FXL 5.5 HUB 212MM R7 50MMMMKW N/A 212 mm N/A 50MMx MM mm N/A 670,700 N·m75,779 in·lb N/A 2,200 rpm N/A 6.91 in N/A 10.52 in267.3 mm N/A
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