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  • A complete H Type coupling is comprised of two standard H Type hubs, two inside sleeves, one cushion set, and one collar with hardware. (H Type hubs are supplied with an inside sleeve.)
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Timken Part Number


Rough Stock Bore

Coupling Size

Set Screw Size (Dimension T)

Length thru Bore

Outside Diameter

Dimension HD

68514448070 N/A H3067 HUB 2-1/8 N/KW N/SS RSB N/A 2 1/8 in N/A H3067 N/A No Setscrew N/A 4.750 in120.65 mm N/A 10.000 in254.00 mm N/A 7.000 in177.80 mm
68514450883 N/A H3567 HUB 2-5/8 N/KW N/SS RSB N/A 2 5/8 in N/A H3567 N/A No Setscrew N/A 5.000 in127.00 mm N/A 11.000 in279.40 mm N/A 7.750 in196.85 mm
68514447878 N/A H3667 HUB 3" NKW NSS HOLE RSB N/A 3 in N/A H3667 N/A No Setscrew N/A 5.630 in143.00 mm N/A 12.000 in304.80 mm N/A 8.750 in222.25 mm
68514455473 N/A H4067 HUB RSB N/KW N/SS HOLE N/A 3 1/4 in N/A H4067 N/A No Setscrew N/A 6.250 in158.75 mm N/A 13.250 in336.55 mm N/A 9.750 in247.65 mm
68514455477 N/A H4567 HUB RSB N/KW N/SS HOLE N/A 3 1/2 in N/A H4567 N/A No Setscrew N/A 7.000 in177.80 mm N/A 14.500 in368.30 mm N/A 10.750 in273.05 mm
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