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RunRight® RAV D Anti-Vibration mounts are designed for applications requiring the absorption of low and medium frequency vibrations. They are used to absorb tensile, pressure and shear loads. Typically mounted horizontally on the floor, they can also be used for wall and ceiling applications. The RAV D are manufactured with cast iron housings, aluminum inner squares and have steel brackets. They are manufactured with standard Tensys™ 10 rubber inserts and can be used for applications operating within a -40° to 180°F (-40° to 80°C) temperature range.

Note: RunRight Type RAV D mounts are to be used where the machine frequency is GREATER THAN the Type RAV D mount natural frequency.

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Width (Dim N) (in)

Part Number


G Load Range

Width (Dim N)

Unloaded Height (Dim A)

Mount Natural Frequency (G Min to G Max)

68514425214 N/A RAV D15 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 45 to 123 lb200 to 550 N N/A 2.3 in N/A 2.12 in N/A 8.2-5.8 Hz
68514425215 N/A RAV D18 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 100 to 280 lb450 to 1250 N N/A 2.71 in N/A 2.55 in N/A 7.5-5.0 Hz
68514425216 N/A RAV D27 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 157 to 449 lb700 to 2000 N N/A 3.35 in N/A 3.46 in N/A 6.2-4.5 Hz
68514425217 N/A RAV D38 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 292 to 854 lb1300 to 3800 N N/A 4.60 in N/A 4.60 in N/A 5.5-4.0 Hz
68514425218 N/A RAV D45 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 494 to 1350 lb2200 to 6000 N N/A 5.43 in N/A 5.62 in N/A 5.0-3.5 Hz
68514425219 N/A RAV D50 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 899 to 2472 lb4000 to 11000 N N/A 6.37 in N/A 6.69 in N/A 5.0-3.5 Hz
68514483847 N/A RAV D50-1.6 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 1236 to 3372 lb5500 to 15000 N N/A 8.11 in N/A 6.69 in N/A 5.0-3.5 Hz
68514483848 N/A RAV D50-2.0 ANTI VBR MOUNT N/A 1573 to 4271 lb7000 to 19000 N N/A 9.68 in N/A 6.69 in N/A 5.0-3.5 Hz
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