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  • Specifically designed for the pump industry, this coupling accommodates industry standard as well as special pump/motor separation
  • This shaft separation facilitates easy pump repair of pump packing, bearings, and seals without disturbing pump or motor mounting and alignment
  • The SC Type coupling consists of two flanges, a sleeve and two shaft hubs
Quick Coupling Removal
  • The center drop out section consists of two flanges and the flexible sleeve
  • The flange is bolted to the shaft hub with four hex head cap screws
  • The center drop out section can be removed by removing the hex head cap screws
  • Flats on each hub provides a convenient grip for a wrench in order to facilitate loosening of the screws and, if desired, turning of the pump/motor shafts
  • Once the hub is removed from the pump shaft, maintenance on the pump can be done without disturbing equipment alignment
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Part Number


Bore Size 

Hub #

Keyway Size (W x D)

Outside Diameter

Dimension L

Dimension SL

68514436910 N/A 9SCHS SPCR HUB 7/8 N/KW N/A 7/8 in N/A 9SCHS N/A No Keyway N/A 3.630 in92.20 mm N/A 1.530 in38.86 mm N/A 0.630 in16.00 mm
68514436912 N/A 10SCHS SPCR HUB 1-1/8 N/KW N/A 1 1/8 in N/A 10SCHS N/A No Keyway N/A 4.380 in111.25 mm N/A 1.660 in42.16 mm N/A 0.630 in16.00 mm
68514436914 N/A 11SCHS SPCR HUB 1-1/8 N/KW N/A 1 1/8 in N/A 11SCHS N/A No Keyway N/A 5.250 in133.35 mm N/A 1.910 in48.51 mm N/A 0.750 in19.05 mm
68514436916 N/A 12SCHS SPCR HUB 1-7/8 N/KW N/A 1 7/8 in N/A 12SCHS N/A No Keyway N/A 5.750 in146.05 mm N/A 2.530 in64.26 mm N/A 1.120 in28.45 mm
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