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  • Tapered-bore, antifriction bearings are mounted either on adapter sleeves or on tapered shaft seats.
  • In cases where tapered bore bearings are mounted directly on the shaft, the shaft must conform to the tapered bore of the bearing to assure proper fit. If a proper fit is not achieved, the results could be:
    • Turning of the bearing inner race on the shaft.
    • Uneven loading of the bearing.
    • Severe inner race hoop stress.
    • Insufficient support (back-up) of the inner race on the shaft.
  • All of these conditions could lead to premature bearing damage. Therefore, the manufacture, maintenance and measurement of accurate shaft tapers is important.
  • There are two accepted ways of measuring tapered shafts: ring gages and sine bar gages.
  • Precision measurement of tapered shafts is difficult with ring gages and may be impossible in the case of large shafts where gages are large, cumbersome and heavy.
  • Sine bar gages provide an accurate and easy method of measurement.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and learn, sine bar gages achieve precise gagging of the shaft size and taper.
  • A complete set for measurement of 1:12 shaft tapers consists of 3 in, 4 in, 5 1/2 in, 7 in, 10 in and 14 in sine bar gages, sine bar saddle no. T-5491-C, web clamp no. T-5489-A and a wooden box no. T-5224-C. A complete set for 1:30 shaft tapers consists of 4 in, 6 in, 8 in and 12 in sine bar gages.
  • Sine bars can be purchased individually, or in any combination of sizes to meet your individual needs.
  • All sine bars require a sine bar saddle and web clamp. A wooden box is optional.
  • For information on the use of sine bars, prices and delivery, consult your Timken representative.
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For Bearings

T-3071-C N/A 3.000 in N/A 22232K to 22240K, 22322K to 22328K, 23040K to 23048K, 23130K to 23136K, 23226K to 23230K, 23960K to 23972K
T-3072-C N/A 4.000 in N/A 22248K to 22256K, 22330K to 22340K, 23052K to 23076K, 23138K to 23148K, 23232K to 23240K, 23976K to 239/560K
T-5476-C N/A 4.000 in N/A 24040K to 24056K, 24132K to 24144K
T-3073-C N/A 5.500 in N/A 22260K to 22264K, 23080K to 230/500K, 23152K to 23164K, 23244K to 23256K, 239/600K to 239/710K
T-5477-C N/A 6.000 in N/A 24060K to 24084K, 24148K to 24160K
T-3074-C N/A 7.000 in N/A 230/530K to 230/750K, 23168K to 23196K, 23260K to 23276K, 239/750K to 239/1120K
T-5478-C N/A 8.000 in N/A 24089K to 240/630K, 24164K to 24192K
T-3075-C N/A 10.000 in N/A 230/800K to 230/1180, 231/500K to 231/710K, 23280K to 232/530K, 230/1250 and up
T-5479-C N/A 12.000 in N/A 240/670K and up, 24196K and up
T-3076-C N/A 14.000 in N/A 231/750K and up, 232/560K and up, 239/118K and up
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