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  • Standard L Type coupling hub materials are either sintered iron (L035-L190) or cast iron (L225-L276).
  • The L Type coupling consists of two standard L Type hubs and one spider.
  • Unless stated otherwise, hub torque and horsepower ratings assume a SOX(NBR) rubber spider is being used.
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Coupling Size

Part Number


Coupling Size

Length thru Bore

Max. Bore (Dimensions ID1/ID2)

Hub Length


68514410129 N/A L035 HUB SOLID N/LBL N/A L035 N/A 0.270 in6.86 mm N/A 0.375 in10.00 mm N/A 0.550 in13.97 mm N/A CAD
68514410218 N/A L050 HUB SOLID N/LBL N/A L050 N/A 0.620 in15.75 mm N/A 0.625 in16 mm N/A 1.100 in27.94 mm N/A CAD
68514411094 N/A L095 HUB SOLID N/LBL N/A L095 N/A 1 in25.4 mm N/A 1.125 in29.00 mm N/A 1.52 in38.61 mm N/A CAD
68514476172 N/A L225 HUB STL SOLID N/A L225 N/A 2.180 in55.37 mm N/A 2.625 in67 mm N/A 3.180 in80.77 mm N/A
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