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U Type Shaft-to-Shaft
    The U Type is the basis for all Uniflex couplings. It is a shaft-to-shaft flexible coupling with a simple one piece design, making it ideal for indexing, robotic or positioning applications. The U Type consists of a triple-wound flexible steel spring brazed to a steel hub at each end. This all steel design ensures optimum equipment protection in severe environments and/or high temperature applications. Regular and short versions are available for most sizes to accommodate different overall length requirements. Special hub or bore modifications are also possible. These units can be supplied with either pin holes or with keyways and set screws. Lovejoy does not recommend the reboring of uniflex couplings by customers due to potential damage to the brazed joint.
    This is a durable one-piece flexible coupling for general purpose shaft-to- shaft applications. It is the basis for all Uniflex coupling types.
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Bore Size    (mm)

Keyway Size

Part Number


Bore Size   

Keyway Size

Dimension HD

Overall Length

Max. Torque

68514476375 N/A U62R CPLG 8MM NKWX14MM KW N/A 8 x 14 mm N/A No Keyway & 5 x 2.3 mm N/A 1.420 in36.07 mm N/A 2.720 in69.09 mm N/A 126.00 in·lb
68514476253 N/A U75R CPLG 12MMX1/2 KWBE N/A 12 mm x 1/2 in mm N/A 4 x 1.8 mm & 1/8 x 1/16 in N/A 1.420 in36.07 mm N/A 3.310 in84.07 mm N/A 175 in·lb
68514476473 N/A U87R CPLG 16MMX20MM KW BE N/A 16 x 20 mm N/A 5 x 2.3 mm & 6 x 2.8 mm N/A 1.730 in43.94 mm N/A 3.50 in88.90 mm N/A 346 in·lb
68514476433 N/A U125R CPLG 14MM X 3/4 KW BE N/A 14 mm x 3/4 in mm N/A 5 x 2.3 mm & 3/16 x 3/32 in N/A 2.170 in55.12 mm N/A 4.880 in123.95 mm N/A 755 in·lb
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