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UF Type - Flange-to-Flange
    This coupling is actually the center dropout section of the RRU Type, but it can be purchased separately for direct flange-to-flange mounting of the driving unit to the driven. The UF Type coupling compensates for high misalignment to protect connected equipment, yet it is also well-suited for applications which require negligible backlash or windup and reliability under high temperature conditions. Stock flange sizes are shown in the Dimensional Data table below, but other sizes can be provided to meet special mounting requirements.
    This flange-to-flange type is designed to connect flange mounted equipment to another flange while compensating for misalignment. It is also the center drop out section of the RRU Type.
    Note: The UF Type Drop Out does not come with assembly hardware. Assembly hardware must be purchased separately.
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Part Number


Length (Dimension S)

Max. Torque

68514413923 N/A UF50 DROP OUT N/A 1.56 in N/A 82.00 in·lb
68514413929 N/A UF75 DROP OUT N/A 1.81 in N/A 175.00 in·lb
68514413934 N/A UF87 DROP OUT N/A 2.12 in N/A 346.00 in·lb
68514413938 N/A UF100 DROP OUT N/A 2.18 in N/A 565.00 in·lb
68514413942 N/A UF125 DROP OUT N/A 2.62 in N/A 755.00 in·lb
68514413946 N/A UF137 DROP OUT N/A 2.81 in N/A 1260.00 in·lb
68514413952 N/A UF150 DROP OUT N/A 3.44 in N/A 1890.00 in·lb
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