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    Note: SX Type Hubs are interchangeable for both the SU and SX style disc couplings (but not SXC style).
    The SU Type coupling has a single flex plane, and is comprised of a single disc pack kit with two hubs. It is suitable for angular and axial misalignment only. Two SU couplings are often combined with a shaft to make a floating shaft coupling. The shaft can be hollow for long light weight floating shaft couplings.
    The SX Type is the standard coupling type that includes two hubs, a stock length spacer designed to meet industry standard lengths, and two unitized disc packs. The coupling has two flex planes, one at each disc pack, allowing this coupling to accommodate parallel, angular, and axial misalignment with specified limits. The coupling is available in 4, 6, and 8 bolt designs and bore sizes up to 13 inches (330mm) on the largest size. Custom spacer lengths can be manufactured to meet special shaft separations required for specific applications. The SX coupling can be fitted with overload bushings to protect the disc packs in over torque conditions and can act as an anti-flail device. SX couplings are assembled at the time of installation on the equipment where the coupling will be in service.
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Part Number



Length thru Bore

Nominal Torque

Max. Bore

Dimension FD


69790493804 N/A SX90-6 HUB RSB N/A 90-6 N/A 1.570 in39.88 mm N/A 2100 in·lb N/A 1.5 in38 mm N/A 3.540 in90.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491420 N/A SX110-6 HUB RSB N/A 110-6 N/A 1.970 in50.04 mm N/A 5100 in·lb N/A 1.810 in46.00 mm N/A 4.330 in110.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491430 N/A SX132-6 HUB RSB N/A 132-6 N/A 2.36 in59.94 mm N/A 9700 in·lb N/A 2.380 in60.00 mm N/A 5.200 in132.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491439 N/A SX158-6 HUB RSB N/A 158-6 N/A 2.760 in70.10 mm N/A 17700 in·lb N/A 2.760 in70.00 mm N/A 6.220 in158.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491447 N/A SX185-6 HUB RSB N/A 185-6 N/A 3.15 in80.01 mm N/A 29200 in·lb N/A 3.13 in80 mm N/A 7.280 in185.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491454 N/A SX202-6 HUB RSB N/A 202-6 N/A 3.540 in89.92 mm N/A 40700 in·lb N/A 3.500 in90.00 mm N/A 7.950 in202.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491459 N/A SX228-6 HUB RSB N/A 228-6 N/A 3.94 in100.08 mm N/A 62000.00 in·lb N/A 3.940 in100.00 mm N/A 8.980 in228.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491464 N/A SX255-6 HUB RSB N/A 255-6 N/A 4.530 in115.06 mm N/A 90300.00 in·lb N/A 4.310 in110.00 mm N/A 10.040 in255.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491469 N/A SX278-6 HUB RSB N/A 278-6 N/A 4.920 in124.97 mm N/A 125700.00 in·lb N/A 4.880 in124 mm N/A 10.950 in278.00 mm N/A CAD
69790491472 N/A SX302-6 HUB RSB N/A 302-6 N/A 5.320 in135.13 mm N/A 177000 in·lb N/A 5.310 in135.00 mm N/A 11.890 in302.00 mm N/A CAD
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