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The RunRight® chain rider is made from high strength industrial polymers and are shaped for use on either side of the rider. For use with chain speeds of 5 ft/sec or less, the chain riders provide an economical and quieter solution than sprockets. Available in sets (includes idler bolt and nuts) or individually.

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Part Number


For Idler Bolt

ANSI Chain Size

Chain Rider Number

Use with Tensioner Size

68514485104 N/A RCG-D-ANSI 31&41-GUIDE MM N/A M8 N/A 35/41 N/A P3/8-8 N/A RT11-M
68514485105 N/A RCG-ANSI 40-GUIDE MM N/A M10 N/A 40 N/A P1/2-10 N/A RT 15/18-M
68514485106 N/A RCG-ANSI 50-GUIDE MM N/A M10 N/A 50 N/A P5/8-10 N/A RT 15/18-M
68514485107 N/A RCG-ANSI 60-GUIDE MM N/A M12 N/A 60 N/A P3/4-12 N/A RT 27-M
68514485253 N/A RCG-ANSI 31&41-GUIDE IN N/A 3/8" N/A 35/41 N/A P3/8-3/8 N/A RT 11
68514485254 N/A RCG-ANSI 40-GUIDE IN N/A 1/2" N/A 40 N/A P1/2-1/1 N/A RT 15/18
68514485255 N/A RCG-ANSI 50-GUIDE IN N/A 5/8" N/A 50 N/A P5/8-1/2 N/A RT 15/18
68514485256 N/A RCG-ANSI 60-GUIDE IN N/A 3/4" N/A 60 N/A P3/4-1/2 N/A RT 27
68514483303 N/A RCG-ANSI 80-GUIDE IN N/A 1" N/A 80 N/A P1-3/4 N/A RT 38
68514480055 N/A RCG-ANSI 100-GUIDE IN N/A 1 1/4" N/A 100 N/A P1-1/4-3/4 N/A RT 38/45
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