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RRU Type - Drop-Out Style
    The RRU Type Uniflex coupling is designed for fast, easy installation and removal without disrupting the connected shafts. This is ideal when servicing impellers, bearings and seals. The design consists of two steel hubs fastened with cap screws to a Uniflex double flange coupling (UF Type). The RRU is easily disassembled by simply removing the cap screws and sliding out the UF center spring section.
    This design offers “quick disconnect” for drop out requirements. It can also accommodate a slightly larger shaft diameter than the standard U Type.
    Note: A complete RRU Type coupling is comprised of 2 hubs, 2 hardware kits, and a UF Type center drop out section.
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Overall Length

68514452740 N/A RRU50 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU50 N/A 3.520 in89.41 mm
68514452741 N/A RRU75 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU75 N/A 4.270 in108.46 mm
68514452742 N/A RRU87 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU87 N/A 4.840 in122.94 mm
68514452743 N/A RRU100 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU100 N/A 4.900 in124.46 mm
68514452744 N/A RRU125 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU125 N/A 5.840 in148.34 mm
68514452745 N/A RRU137 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU137 N/A 6.530 in165.86 mm
68514452746 N/A RRU150 HARDWARE PACKAGE N/A RRU150 N/A 7.660 in194.56 mm
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